Brigitte Beraha's Babelfish

Large babelfish

Co-led by one of the most versatile and exciting vocalists on the UK jazz scene, Brigitte Beraha and ‘formidably skilled’ UK pianist Barry Green, this all-star 'remarkable quartet' crafts multi-lingual songs into little musical gems. They have been garnering rave reviews since their 2012 debut album for their beautiful musical renderings drawn from an eclectic songbook. Fast-paced tunes about sushi, free jazz, contemporary classical or traditional folk: as any Hitchhiker will know, the Babelfish will translate from any language into your own! They will be appearing at Herts Jazz towards the end of their 20-date 2018 UK tour and ahead of recording their 3rd album: a journey inside their favourite books through the vehicles of jazz, latin, classical, folk and improvised music.
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Tuesday November 6, 2018

  • > Brigitte Beraha - Vocals
  • > Barry Green - Piano
  • > Chris Laurence - Double Bass
  • > Paul Clarvis - Drums